An Integral Guide to Recovery

Twelve Steps and Beyond

by Guy du Plessis

Book Cover: An Integral Guide to Recovery

This ultra-modern approach to recovery is known as Integrated Recovery, a truly holistic lifestyle approach that provides all the essential structure and knowledge to guide you in working a wholly comprehensive, inclusive, and sustainable recovery program, achieved through an integration of the best contemporary knowledge and personal development tools. Although Integrated Recovery is a novel approach, it has not set out to reinvent the wheel as such, but is a synergistic framework that includes many time-honored recovery practices. Integrated Recovery is a 12-step, abstinence-based approach that is informed by Integral Theory, mindfulness, positive psychology, and existentialism.

In the information age of the 21st century, the world has become exceedingly complex. Never before in history have we had access to the sum total of all human knowledge, technology, and wisdom. Consequently, finding the right path and methods to recovery can often be perplexing to the newcomer, as well as the “old timer.” This book presents to you the recovering addict a progressive recovery map and toolkit suitable for the complexities of today’s world.

About the Author

Guy du Plessis has worked in the addiction treatment milieu for over 15 years as Head of Treatment, Clinical Director, Program Director, Counselor, Trainer, and Program Developer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors (cum laude) and MA degree (cum laude) in psychology, and is a Board (HPCSA) Registered Psychological Counsellor. He is currently perusing his PhD through the Department of Educational Psychology at Stellenbosch University. Guy is a Faculty mentor at the School of Behavioural Sciences at California Southern University , the Managing Director and co-founder of the Integral Recovery Institute, and a researcher at Momentum Mental Healthcare South Africa.

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