Coaching and Healing

Transcending the Illness Narrative

by Joel Kreisberg, Alex Douds, Amy Phillips, Jill Lang Ward, John Stoddart, Julie Flaherty, Karin Hempel, Leslie Williams, Lois MacNaughton, Reggie Marra

Book Cover: Coaching and Healing

Accessible to all and deeply rewarding, Coaching and Healing: Transcending the Illness Narrative is an inspirational guide for every coach and health care practitioner. Weaving together the authors’ own healing narratives, diverse case studies and skillful step-by-step methodology, this book reveals the powerful benefits of shifting one’s story from the conventional medical model of disease and cure, to the powerful honesty of narrative healing. With compassion and clarity, the authors offer coaches, clients and patients, not just a health resource, but a fundamental, essential and deepening way to be within the healing arts and sciences.

Reviews:Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD (Coyote Institute for Studies of Change and Transformation) wrote:

This volume is about the richness of coaching and how coaches augment their clients’ capacity to address healing.

Ken Wilber (author of Integral Meditation and Integral Spirituality) wrote:

The book Coaching and Healing pioneers a new area of research and practice, namely, the application of Integral Coaching to the process of healing. It’s a natural match in many ways, and yet remains sadly under-applied at this time. Coaching and Healing aims to redress that lack by directly approaching the topic through the lens of Integral Theory and Integral Coaching itself...

Larry Dossey, MD (author of Reinventing Medicine) wrote:

This coaching model evokes a patient's intrinsic wisdom through participation in narrative and self-exploration.

About the Authors

Joel Kreisberg

Joel Kreisberg DC, ACC is Executive Director of the Teleosis Institute, an adjunct professor at Maryland University of Integrative Health and a thought-leader in the field of Integral medicine.  Joel maintains a private practice Integrative Homeopathic Medicine in Berkeley, CA.

Alex Douds

Alex Douds, MSW, ACC possesses more than 35 years of corporate experience in leadership roles. He has a passion for coaching individuals in finding their own direction and self-expression and developing the skills needed to carry that out. Alex is also a Hospice volunteer.

Amy Phillips

Amy Phillips is a business consultant and Integral Master Coach based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  With her background in coaching and her passion for creating healthy, welcoming environments, she works in service of a greater love — one of wellness — for herself, for others, for organizations, and for the planet.

Jill Lang Ward

Jill Lang Ward (1952 – 2016)  Soon after retiring from a successful career in the Canadian civil service, Jill was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which set her on a profound path of healing. She found her true calling in her final years, offering healing support to myeloma patients, caregivers and families.

John Stoddart

John Stoddart is a health coach, educator, and advocate, based in Ottawa and Vancouver, Canada. His unique approach to coaching and healing harnesses the power within his clients to develop optimum health, quality of life, and productivity. He is dedicated to the application and growth of health coaching within medicine and the healing arts.

Julie Flaherty

Julie Flaherty, JD, provides counsel and coaching to clients ranging from nonprofits to Fortune 50 companies. She is the General Counsel for MATTER, a nonprofit working to expand access to health care and food. Julie’s own experience of being “differently abled,” has led her to develop an expertise in coaching clients through their journeys of healing.

Karin Hempel

Karin Hempel, MA is a seasoned technology executive working in the Financial Services industry. She has an MA in Holistic Health Education with a specialization in nutrition from John F. Kennedy University and is a certified Integral Master Coach whose target clients are women undergoing transition as a result of life-altering events.

Leslie Williams

Leslie Williams, M.S., MCC is President of LeaderShift Consulting, a Washington DC based executive coaching firm.  She has served in numerous faculty roles at Integral Coaching Canada, Inc. Leslie’s 20-year journey with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been her constant and best teacher about what it means to heal.

Lois MacNaughton

Lois MacNaughton, ACC, is a life coach and Core Faculty member at Teleosis Institute. Her work combines Integral principles, Eastern philosophy and a deep desire to reduce suffering in the world.   She helps individuals strengthen their resilience to deal with the ups and downs of life and to respond (vs. react) to what is. As a Reiki Master, Lois also brings healing energy to her coaching practice.

Reggie Marra

Reggie Marra, MA, ACC engages coaching, poetry writing, humor, and any means necessary in order to help alleviate his own and others’ unnecessary suffering. He is the author of three poetry and three nonfiction books, including the 2016 release, And Now, StillIn addition to his poetry and coaching work, Reggie serves as Creative Director at the Teleosis Institute. He was his mom’s primary caregiver for her final three and a half years.

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