Love in the Spirit of Inquiry

by Hilary Bradbury, William Torbert

Book Cover: Eros/Power

In this book filled with passion, compassion, and dispassion, Hilary Bradbury and Bill Torbert go way, way out on a limb. Sharing their erotic autobiographies with us—the beautiful and the ugly—starting with the history of their relationship with one another as professor and student, they invite exploration of the secret places where true love gets lived (and gets crushed).

Reviews:Chuck Palus - Senior Fellow, Center for Creative Leadership wrote:

Eros/Power is a marvelous invitation to love and be loved. It’s not for the timid. Hilary and Bill take us from a place of innocence to a place of eros where all taboos are broken, while leading us into a soulful inquiry about what love is and why it matters. This book charts the sexual revolution, and yet takes us much further. It’s all about sexual evolution and the next phase of human consciousness, in which friendship, love, work, and altruism weave together into an ecstatic, thoughtful, and deeply caring vision of life well lived—

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Hilary Bradbury

William Torbert

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