Innovative Leadership Workbook for College Students

by Amy Barnes, Maureen Metcalf

Book Cover: Innovative Leadership Workbook for College Students

2016 International Book Award Winner: College Guides


This workbook  provides a practical approach for college students to develop innovative leadership skills to launch and manage their careers and keep pace with the dynamic environment. It is tailored to the needs of college students wanting to move into their careers and lead student organizations as well as take informal leadership and influencing roles. It includes important information tailored to meet growth needs of the college student and individual contributor providing a comprehensive development process accompanied by field-tested worksheets and reflection questions.

This workbook is the entry point for leadership development in the Innovative Leadership series, which offers an integrated development process that starts as early as university and extends to the executive ranks. Activities draw from a combination of well-researched theory, three diverse case studies of domestic and international students, and field-tested processes and worksheets. The unique situation of each case study provides invaluable insight into how student leaders develop and incorporate innovation.

About the Authors

Amy Barnes

Dr. Amy Barnes is a faculty member at the Ohio State University in the College of Education and Human Ecology, and is coordinator of undergraduate leadership and service-learning courses for the Educational Studies department. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in leadership development, group dynamics, case analysis, and intercultural leadership.  Her research and teaching interests include critical pedagogy, the intersection of social justice and leadership education, positive psychology, and intercultural leadership. She received her doctorate and her undergraduate degree from The College of William and Mary in Virginia and her master’s degree from Ohio State.

Maureen Metcalf

– Author of Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations – 2013 Award Winner – Best Business Reference Book – International Book Awards
– Co-author of Innovative Leadership Fieldbook – 2012 Award-Winner Best Business Reference Book – International Book Awards
– Co-author Innovative Leadership Workbook for Nonprofit Executives – 2012 Award Winner – Best Business Reference book – USA Book Awards

Known as an exceptional leadership coach. Helping leaders successfully develop themselves while transforming their businesses. Develop, test, and implement emerging models that dramatically improve leadership effectiveness and their success in transforming organizations. Work with leaders to develop “Level 5” leadership capacity.

President of Metcalf & Associates. As a management consultant, I bring 25 years of business experience to organizational challenges. Recognized as an effective, imaginative leader with proven operational skills coupled with the ability to analyze, develop, and implement successful strategies for profitability and growth.

Managed and contributed to successful completion of a wide array of projects from business design for a start up firm to performance improvement for large well established firms. Worked with a number of Fortune 50 clients delivering a wide range of significant business results such as: increased profitability, cycle time reduction, increased productivity, and improved quality. Design courses and teach MBA students at Capital University.

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