Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers

by Maureen Metcalf

Book Cover: Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers

Soon to be available, the  Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Mangers, written by CEO Maureen Metcalf, Founder and CEO of Metcalf & Associates. This workbook is a companion to the winner of Best Business Reference Book in the 2012 International Book Awards.

“Leadership needs innovation the way innovation demands leadership. By combining them, you improve your capacity to deliver results and your organization’s capacity to affect change,” says Metcalf. The Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers,designed specifically for busy people, includes field-tested processes and worksheets for innovating how you lead, transforming your organization, and creating sustainability. The workbook takes readers on their own leadership journey through a series of development activities while providing insight into the thought processes of a two different and highly successful emerging leaders whose unique challenges provide invaluable insight into how leaders develop and incorporate innovation both personally and professionally.

The Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers provides a six-step process for developing innovative leadership qualities through a combination of well-researched theory, two practical business case studies, and corresponding tools and templates.

Reviews:Jim Ritchie-Dunham - President of the Institute for Strategic Clarity and adjunct faculty member at the EGADE Business School at Harvard University wrote:

A seasoned mentor will guide you through the early stages of your development as a leader. For those of you who don’t have that mentor, there’s Innovating Leadership for the Emerging Leader. Guided by this book, you’ll develop your understanding, testing, and learning about your own leadership.

Carla Paonessa - Chair, LeaderShape Board of Directors and Retired Managing Partner, Accenture. wrote:

This workbook helps you ask key questions of yourself as you emerge into leadership roles. Be patient as you grow. Take notes and be grateful for both good and mediocre leaders. The good ones model the way. The bad ones remind us what not to do. This workbook will help shape you into an “excellent” leader.

Kate Terrell - Vice President, Human Resources Global Products Organization at Whirlpool Corporation wrote:

Part of a larger series that addresses various stages of development throughout one’s career, the Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders lays out a process for individuals, early in their career, to think about their development, in the context of the organizational culture and systems. It also provides a host of tools to address different needs—a critical success factor for attracting and retaining talent an organization no in varying career stages.

About the Author

– Author of Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations – 2013 Award Winner – Best Business Reference Book – International Book Awards
– Co-author of Innovative Leadership Fieldbook – 2012 Award-Winner Best Business Reference Book – International Book Awards
– Co-author Innovative Leadership Workbook for Nonprofit Executives – 2012 Award Winner – Best Business Reference book – USA Book Awards

Known as an exceptional leadership coach. Helping leaders successfully develop themselves while transforming their businesses. Develop, test, and implement emerging models that dramatically improve leadership effectiveness and their success in transforming organizations. Work with leaders to develop “Level 5” leadership capacity.

President of Metcalf & Associates. As a management consultant, I bring 25 years of business experience to organizational challenges. Recognized as an effective, imaginative leader with proven operational skills coupled with the ability to analyze, develop, and implement successful strategies for profitability and growth.

Managed and contributed to successful completion of a wide array of projects from business design for a start up firm to performance improvement for large well established firms. Worked with a number of Fortune 50 clients delivering a wide range of significant business results such as: increased profitability, cycle time reduction, increased productivity, and improved quality. Design courses and teach MBA students at Capital University.

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  1. Dr. David Eicher on November 1, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    I am searching for textbooks for a new Graduate level course in our University’s new major Master of Science in Organizational Leadership. My course is titled “Leadership in Innovative Organizational Culture.” The book, “Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers” looks interesting. Can I obtain a copy for review?
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    Dr. David Eicher
    Brenau University

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