Integral City Inquiry and Action

Designing Impact for the Human Hive

by Marilyn Hamilton

Book Cover: Integral City Inquiry and Action

How do you inquire about, act in and impact the city as citizen, civic manager, or placemaker? Learn through a series of process, project, and program designs that integrate the consciousness and culture of Placecaring, with the actions and systems of Placemaking. Explore Integral City’s design cycles using: The Knowing Field, the Master Code, 12 City Intelligences, City Values & Vital Signs Monitors, 4 Voices, Prototyping Rapid Innovation, Meshworking People, Place and Planet, and Evaluating Outcomes. You may discover a linear or a non-linear path to optimize impact or chart a grand tour. In any case, you will find an inquiry-action-impact system that is replicable, frequently iterative and provides a framework for enacting deep change in the human hive.

Reviews:Hilary Bradbury, PhD - Editor wrote:

“The unusual and captivating hero of this book is the city. Not an inert mass of buildings, but a collective, a hive, a holarchy that brings people and processes of inquiry together in action. This is a resource for action researchers in the field of urban planning and perhaps for all whole systems/integration professionals.”

About the Author

Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, AQtivator, integrator, leads a practice community using Integral City frameworks and tools to catalyze 4+1 City Voices to transform their city and eco-region into habitats that are as sustainable and resilient for humans as the beehive is for bees. She aligns leadership with Environmental, Economic, Social, and Cultural Capitals to optimize strategic city futures.

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