Integral Healing

by Lynne Feldman

Book Cover: Integral Healing

Integral Healing develops in four sections, (Lightning Strikes, Coming to Terms, Acceptance, and Appreciation) and elegantly weaves Lynne’s remarkable story into a step-by-step breakdown of her integral approach to healing. In it you’ll find invaluable insights to help you on your own journey, including:

  • Advice on how to stay cool in the face of an overwhelming diagnosis
  • Why there is no “one-size fits all” approach to healing
  • How “hope” and “positive thinking” can actually get in the way of the healing process
  • How today’s cutting-edge psychological research changes the way we understand health and healing
  • Why “big medicine” needn’t be the bad guy
  • How common myths about complementary and alternative medicine can be debunked
  • Why addressing the root causes of disease (biological, environmental, emotional, and spiritual) are crucial to the healing process
  • Why understanding our relationship to disease, called “the psychology of illness,” supports a more effective approach to healing
  • What the best approaches to healing available are, including physical, psychological, and spiritual, and how to determine which methods will work best for you
  • How Narrative Medicine as used in Lynne’s autobiography has been shown to help healing

About the Author

Lynne Feldman, MA, JD is a New Jersey-based lawyer, teacher, and minister. Integral Healing tells the story of how she cured herself of two forms of life-threatening cancer using a unique healing approach inspired by “integral philosophy,” a practical model that combines scientific and spiritual perspectives. Feldman has been a pioneer in the integral movement, serving as a founding member of the Integral Institute and the Vice Chancellor of Integral University.

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