What’s Important

Understanding & Working with Values Perspectives

by Kenton Hyatt, Cheryl De Ciantis

Book Cover: What’s Important

What’s Important is about Values Perspectives: a different way of looking at and working with values, whether you want to really understand what drives your own life and work choices; or if you want to build a foundation of shared values energy with your team, or, align your organization behind a truly shared sense of purpose. Values Perspectives is a twofold approach, supported by an online values survey. It looks, in a non-judgmental way, at both your highest-priority values–your real values–and at the worldview-lens that colors how you interpret your values, and the values of others around you. This book is about why that matters, and how to understand and work with values to get the most out of them. What’s Important is also a practical handbook for the coach, counselor, teacher, internal or external consultant and change agent who knows that values are our deepest drivers, and that values can unlock immense potential for self-awareness, communication, influence and positive group energy when we know how.

About the Authors

Kenton Hyatt

Kenton Hyatt, Ph.D. specializing in communication, values and creativity, is an international facilitator, trainer, executive coach and program designer. Dr. Hyatt’s areas of expertise include values assessment and development for individuals, teams and organizations; creativity assessment and development; and coaching managers to be coaches. He uses interactive learning methods based on psychological and behavioral assessment integrated with creative methodologies to produce active learning environments which are designed to achieve the results that are best suited for each person, group and organization. In 2001, Hyatt and his wife and collaborative partner, Dr. Cheryl De Ciantis, founded their company, Kairios He is also an accomplished painter, photographer and storyteller. He holds certifications in a wide variety of individual, group, and organizational assessment instruments and programs.

Cheryl De Ciantis

Cheryl De Ciantis is an experienced international consultant, program and learning simulation designer, facilitator and executive coach. Since 1985, Dr. De Ciantis has been associated with the Center for Creative Leadership and she served as Director of the Center’s Brussels, Belgium campus. A specialist in creativity and herself an artist, writer and storyteller, De Ciantis  obtained her doctorate in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. A pioneer in creating and documenting creative/reflective learning methodologies in leadership development, Dr. De Ciantis is the author of many articles and of Using an Art Technique to Facilitate Leadership Development.

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