Finding Your Creative Core

by Ginger Grant

Book Cover: Finding Your Creative Core

I wrote this book for you, a student of life. Each step of the journey has exercises that will lead you to your own unique archetypal symbols and rites of passage. The archetypes you find are the DNA of the soul or psyche, just like the DNA strands in the physical body. The stages of the journey may be universal, but the more you connect with the universal, the more you will enhance your own unique creative capacity. I have walked this path many times and know that if I listen to my creative core, rewards will come. Parts of the adventure are terrifying yes, but know that the path will take you where you need to go.

Reviews:Michael Ray, PhD., John G. McCoy - Banc One Corporation Professor of Creativity, Innovation and Marketing (Emeritus) at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. wrote:

If you want to tap the enormous inner resources you have within you, you must, I believe, rely on myth, story and metaphor to bring out who you are at core and the highest purpose in your life. But how do you do that? Use, don’t just read, this workbook. Ginger Grant guides you to experiencing your life as a hero’s journey. She is a master teacher sharing exercises that you can use in a practical way to bring out your best in everyday life. This is life-changing, world changing, absorbing, and fun—especially if used with guidance on your own search for meaning and contribution in life.

About the Author

Ginger Grant, PhD lives and breathes the transformational power of narrative—for every company and every person has a story. Coming from the world of mergers and acquisitions, midlife drove her back to school to study creativity and values-based culture. Dr. Grant’s focus is on the use of business anthropology, ethnography and market intelligence analytics for strategic initiatives. As an Innovation Researcher, her passion is business by design­—the creation, design, development and implementation of values-based programs that transform corporate culture and drive market share for competitive advantage. She has held senior leadership positions and consulted in a variety of fields including engineering, telecommunications, education, transportation, government, law, software development, gaming and the arts. Dr. Grant is a Professor of Marketing and Innovation at Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada, and a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

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