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Evolutionary Leadership

Evolutionary Leadership cover

Integral Leadership for an Increasingly Complex World


Peter Merry

Foreword by Fons Trompenaars

Evolutionary Leadership provides a clear map of the landscape that we are currently navigating, a helicopter view of the dynamics of individual and collective development. Given the new realities we are facing, our old maps are proving inadequate. We need new maps to help us see more clearly so we may act more effectively for the good of the whole. Taking the latest cutting-edge thinking and practice, Peter Merry transforms the complexity into a clear and compelling overview of how it all hangs together, what the implications are for our own personal leadership, and how we might start harnessing the best emerging transformative practices to move humanity forward in the right direction. The power of this book lies in its clarity, passion and immediate applicability.

What others have said about Evolutionary Leadership

Dr, Don Beck:

“Unlike many who profess to grasp Spiral Dynamics or the Integral perspective, Peter Merry is breaking the codes of the spiral itself and is uniquely able to make this knowledge understandable and applicable. He roams freely between rich conceptual insights and the capacity to mobilize others to focus on practical problems in our complex and chaotic worlds. Evolutionary Leadership meshes insights from cutting-edge research while surfing the froth of transformational change. This is a must read for those who are struggling to identify and connect more of the dots.”

Prof Ervin Laszlo:

“We need leadership that moves our world beyond the status quo, for the status quo is not tenable — the essence of ‘unsustainability.’  This means that we need evolutionary leadership.  Peter Merry’s book gives the gist of why we need it and, above all, what we can do about it: how we can become a responsible ‘evolutionary leader.’ Recommended reading for everyone seeking to be a responsible, aware, and modest but true leader.”

Herman Wijffels, Chair of the Dutch Social And Economic Council (and former CEO of Rabobank):

“I find this a wonderful book and recognised a lot in it, as well as learned a lot from it. It is a great synthesis of what leading thinkers such as Wilber, Beck and Cohen have developed over the last years, all with a personal flavour. That in itself would be a worthy publication. But you also identify the consequences of this perspective in what I see as a new way, and take it to a practical level for individuals as well as for organisations. Theory and practice in one, and short and succinct at that. Good work!”

Marianne de Jager, IBM Nederland N.V., Business Consultant
René van den Berg,
IBM Nederland N.V., Business Manager Business Continuity & Recovery Services:

“Practice is the best teacher for what Peter Merry addresses in his book Evolutionary Leadership. To apply what you unconditionally believe in with great care for all involved is a first step towards sustainable engagement, belief and motivation. In IBM (Netherlands) we are applying Peter Merry’s ideas with success. We are creating an environment where mutual trust forms the basis for transformation and within which new insights can be carried and applied in an integral approach. Surprising new forms of co-operation are emerging which create space for everyone’s contribution. It takes time but is contributing in all aspects to the satisfaction of employees and clients, and therefore also to increased turnover. And most importantly it brings joy back into the workplace. The experiences that we have had so far with Peter Merry and Evolutionary Leadership ask for more.”

Marilyn Hamilton PhD, CGA, Author, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive:

Evolutionary Leadership uses a new paradigm for exploring leadership through a form of integral autobibliography. “I am the Universe writing about itself, ” writes Peter Merry, as he invites us on a journey of awakening with his guides for ecology, complexity, spirituality, science, philosophy, arts and activisim. Choreographed through the the studios of integral emergence, Merry leads us onto the dynamic dance floor of wholeness, change, transcendence, diversity and compassion, where we encounter exhilarting connections, insights and directions for the new species of leadership needed in the 21st century. Merry provides the bio-psycho-cultural-social resources that can release the leadership intelligences and practices we will need to create integral organizations, communities, cities and countries on an ever-evolving planet.

Pablo Smolders, Director Partners in Perspective:

Peter has captured the spirit of everybody’s everyday actions on humankind’s future development. “Evolutionary Leadership” is a very inspirational book which addresses both theory & practice from a variety of angles. Peter travels from collective consciousness to individual responsibility, from ancient roots to future generations and from emotional intuition to rational roadmaps. He never fades into softness nor teaching while facilitating our road to consciousness.

Peter writes easy-to-get and sketches with poetic reflections. He is able to get a message across which will be adopted by our generation already realising that well-being originates in self-reflection and transcends the ordinary western well-fare well. Peter simply directs & guides us toward the logical consequences and takes us all the way down to the final step: the leader within ourselves.

Peter has inspired me to even go further in striving to incorporate future well-being goals into my daily life. I will strongly recommended this book not only to my own staff & clients but to everybody who is searching for wholeness & unity and the inspiration to truly find inner peace. I only can hope that leadership in political, business and scientific domain will further support this movement and Peter will keep up the good work with the Center for Human Emergence.

Peter clearly has touched upon and tapped into his own passion to lead, who dares to follow? Who said complexity can not be simplified?”

John Bunzl, Founder, International Simultaneous Policy Organisation:

“Evolutionary Leadership is the essential guide to wholeness – in society, in business, in the world and in our deepest selves. Combining the latest in integral thinking and drawing on key change techniques and practices including Open Space, Chaordic Design and Collective Intelligence, Merry points the way towards the vital and urgent evolutionary transformation of ourselves, our organisations and our world.”

Nick Wilding, Fellow, Centre for Human Ecology, Edinburgh:

“Engage! have rapidly proven themselves to be experiential learning

innovators of the first order. It is no wonder they are highly sought after as consultants in organisational evolution. That’s why I was so keen to learn the secrets of what makes them so effective first hand. I wasn’t disappointed. With Evolutionary Leadership, Peter Merry has broken new ground again – this is the first book I have read that convincingly shares practical, visionary thinking with a rapidly growing wider community of ‘integral’ facilitation practice. And what a treasure trove of innovation!

This is a sourcebook that has challenged me to deepen my own engagement with integral spiral dynamics theory, and has convinced me that evolutionary thinking and practice are of critical importance if humankind is to face the complex challenges of global ecological sustainability and social justice.”

Rory Hendriks, Ashridge International Business School:

“I was left feeling full of admiration and even hopeful about our future possibilities of reconnecting people to our world.The writing style is both both insightful and accessible, it has a genuine quality about it – refreshing in our largely egocentric world.”

Marlene de Beer, South African born scholar-poet; MA Soc.Sc.; PhD Candidate, UNESCO Centre, University of Ulster:

“Peter Merry’s Evolutionary Leadership is written in an essay reading and flowing manner that may conceal to some readers the great depth of reflection from which it originates.  I not only recommend this book to anyone who is new to Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics integral and Ken Wilber’s 4 Quadrants, but also to those who are familiar with these and related authors.  All will be inspired and refreshed by how Peter applies these theories and models to Evolutionary Leadership that are so crucial for our times – people who can see the complexity and the deep patterns can heal from the bottom up, rather than trying to patch over the surface wounds (p.41).  In his discussion and challenge for Evolutionary Leadership, he covers all four quadrants of Ken Wilber within various Spiral Dynamics levels and I want to support his emphasis on personal health & well-being.  He particularly focuses on the body acid-alkaline level and the food we eat, energised water intake and our chakra energy centres.  Through skilful integration of imagery and poetry we are called into the yin-yang dance of co-creation: between a whole-ness and part-ness there is a fit-ness that allows a breakthrough, transformation and transcendence of bifurcations and dualities.  Peter invites you into a tetra-evolutionary spiral dance to explore new shores. The time is now – flow in!”


Evolutionary Leadership

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