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Integral Mindfulness: From Clueless to Dialed-In

Integral Mindfulness: From Clueless to Dialed-In

witt 3DDialed-in is Integral mindful awareness. Mindful awareness is being aware with acceptance and caring intent, on purpose, with compassionate judgment, in the present moment. Integral mindful awareness is mindful awareness guided by the elegant, priceless perspectives of Integral understanding, which can help us know who we are, what’s really happening around us, and what our purpose is right now. Dialed-in makes everything better. We’re healthier, more joyful, less irritating and way less crazy. Relationships are more fun and less pain. Children thrive. Sex keeps getting yummier. Spirituality intensifies. The world constantly unfolds into interconnecting patterns that make sense and guide thought and action. The good news is that we can learn how to be aware with acceptance and caring intent, on purpose, with compassionate judgment, in the present moment, and we can keep improving at it as long as we live.

“The courage to make value judgment reminds us that there is no good unless we do it. Keith shows us step by step how our brains can be rewired to move from clueless to mindful and what he calls dialed-in, showing us paths to live happier, more responsible and sustainable lives and relationships.
—Martin Ucik,  Author Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men


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