Peter Merry

Peter Merry wears a number of hats. As well as working on a PhD at Wisdom University, he is completing his final year (2012) of vocational training in ECOtherapy. In his essence, he morphs to fit the need that he feels he is being called to meet in the world today. In that context, the roles he currently plays include:

The founder and Chair of the Center for Human Emergence, Netherlands, formed in 2005 to facilitate the Netherlands through the current transition and learn for the world, and a Synnervator in CHE Synnervate;
Director of Wisdom University in Europe;
The founder and Director of the Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence, founded in 2008 to support, learn about and promote innovative integral approaches to the global challenges that humanity faces today;
A partner at Engage!, founded in 2000 with Arjen Bos and Tim Merry , to earn a living by doing what we were passionate about. Tim left for Canada in 2005 and Tatiana Glad joined us;
A Fellow of the Center for Human Ecology in the UK where he did his MSc with a thesis on the future of work and economics;

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