Tom Thresher

Tom Thresher is currently the pastor of a nascent Integral Church in western Washington. Long a student of consciousness and spirituality, Tom’s exploration was inspired by eight years of intensive transformational work in a small group setting nearly 40 years ago. Ironically, that experience led him into economics. After completing a Masters in Economics and a Doctorate in Education at Stanford University, Tom taught economics for a decade.

Following a personal crisis, he left college teaching and worked for 12 years as an artist/craftsman. Over the years he studied and worked with a Native American shaman, explored Zen and Yoga, and developed his own westernized spiritual practices.A series of extraordinary events led him to seminary in 1998. He is now an ordained minister and spiritual teacher in the emerging field of Evolutionary Christianity. He has studied and taught Integral Theory for over 15 years.

In addition to pastoring, Tom teaches Leadership and Personal Development at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, an MBA program in sustainable business.For the past seven years Tom has led groups exploring the interface of religion, spirituality, and science. He continues to develop and lead workshops in Transformational Inquiry and Integral philosophy. He does his best not to take any of this seriously.

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