So you want to publish your book . . .

We take this process very seriously and we ask that your submission reflect a high level of commitment to your project. Truncated or partially developed responses will cause your submission to be rejected. We also ask that you refrain from multiple submissions to other publishers while we are in the review process.

Submit your query to Integral Publishers via the contact form below. We recommend that you complete each section in Word and past your response into the appropriate text boxes in the form below.  Please do not  to send sample chapters or your manuscript at this time.

I. Basic author information

First, let us know who you are. Be sure the form includes your name, email address and phone number where you can be easily contacted during business hours. If you have an Internet presence, let us know the URL in the Bio. Use that space to tell use a little about yourself but please don’t send us your CV as if you are applying for a job; a couple of paragraphs will do.

II. About the book project

Next,  describe your project. Does your project fit Integral Publishers’ mission to publish topics approached from integrally informed, transdisciplinary, and adult development perspectives, or is it a better fit for Tangent Publishers’ categories of  biography, history, current events, self-awareness, and politics. (Integral Publishers does not publish fiction, poetry, or memoirs.)

III. Where are you in this project?

Is your book manuscript in the “idea phase,” partially complete, or complete? If your manuscript is not complete or it is in the development stage, submit a timeline for its completion. Is it a single-author or multiple-author effort? If you have co-author(s), with whom are you partnering?

IV. Who are your target audiences?

Do not simply list a broad category, such as “everyone interested in change” as your target audience.  Now is the time to seriously consider who will be interested in buying your book. What might a typical reader look like? How might your book be used to make a difference in the world? Are there primary and secondary targets and if so, how will they be reached?

V. Competition

If you believe that your book has no competition, please reconsider your submission. You may not be ready. We understand your book is distinctive, but that by no means suggests it has no competition in the marketplace. Have you done any homework to see how it compares to what’s out there on your topic? It is important to us that authors are aware of the market in which they are competing. Situate your work within the context of the current market by citing several similar works or authors.

VI. Marketing and Promotion

We cannot proceed without your firm commitment to a Marketing/Promotion Plan. There is a myth that Authors write books and Publishers promote them. However–and we make no bones about it–you are responsible for creating, funding, and implementing a viable marketing plan. Our approach at Integral Publishers and Tangent Publishers is to work with our Authors to increase the chances of success, but we play a limited role in marketing and publicity. Describe in detail  your marketing plan. Are you willing to hire a publicist? Do you have the skills and resources necessary to design and implement a “do-it-yourself” publicity campaign? Do you have links or ties to any organization that would be interested in making a bulk purchase? Are you planning to speak publicly, or do a book tour? What are your plans for establishing a website for the book? Do you plan to promote it using Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? What other thoughts have you had?

At this point we cannot promise that we will be able to publish your book but we will make a fair and accurate assessment of your project and we will be happy to share our understanding of your book and any suggestions that we might have.


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